The Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District was recently awarded $30,493 from an Assistance to Firefighters Grant to purchase equipment for rapid intervention teams, known as RIT.  According to interim Fire Chief Mark Mills, “a cache of equipment will be ordered for each engine in the Fire District so that all rapid intervention team operations are consistent”.  Interim Chief Mills adds “A problem facing the Valley fire agencies is the lack of proper equipment and rescue tools to affect a rapid  intervention rescue of trapped firefighters.”  And, according to Mills, the Valley fire agencies lack RIT equipment that can be dedicated strictly to RIT operations.  The equipment our Fire District is considering purchasing using this grant money is a thermal imaging camera, self contained RIT Pak II breathing apparatus units and a Scott Pak-Tracker System for ease in locating trapped firefighters in the event of an emergency.  Interim Fire Chief Mills says, “We are honored and appreciative to have been selected for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant that will allow us to purchase this life saving equipment to help ensure the safety of our firefighters.”