Big Bear City, CA — We’ve continued to have earthquakes centered in our area, most of them about four miles north of Big Bear City. Today’s quakes included a 1.9 magnitude tremor in the in the 11am hour and a 2.4 magnitude quake just after 5pm. There have been over 50 quakes centered just north of the Big Bear Valley this week, including those of a 3.2 and 3.3 magnitude on Monday. All Big Bear Valley residents are encouraged to be earthquake prepared—you can visit our “Quake Up” Call story for preparedness details, which include keeping an emergency supply of food and water available, as well as a battery-operated radio and a first aid kit.
Update: Subsequent earthquakes in our area include a 2.4 magnitude quake, also centered four miles north of Big Bear City, on Friday, June 10 at 5:09pm, and a 1.7 magnitude quake on June 12 at 7:17pm. We will generally post notices of those earthquakes that register a 1.6 magnitude or greater and are centered in, or within a few miles of, the Big Bear Valley.
Update as of June 15: Though it seems to be earthquake season, we have only had one tremor in our area in recent days. This quake, of a 1.6 magnitude, occurred at exactly 10am today (Tuesday morning), and was centered five miles north northwest of Big Bear City.