Big Bear City, Ca, January 4, 2011, 1:00pm – If you have a Verizon land line you may have been without phone service since the 22nd of December. KBHR has received several reports of landlines not working in the Big Bear City area, with landline users being told the problem is due to the weather.  When users call Verizon to enquire about the problem, they hear this recording: “Due to extreme weather conditions in your area if you choose to speak with a live agent you will have an extended wait time.”  Big Bear City Resident Cheryl Blake tried to call Verizon, but waited for so long, she decided to go online and schedule an appointment to get her phone line fixed.  Verizon said they could come on January 28th, a whole month after the problem started.  KBHR called Verizon and waited on the phone for 47 minutes before we were able to talk to John Davies, Public Affairs Representative for Verizon, and he told KBHR that due to the extreme weather over the last few weeks, Verizon has been inundated with problems, and they are working overtime to fix those problems.  Davies had no further information regarding the Big Bear Valley.