2013 City Council, Rick Herrick, Mayor Pro-tem Caretto, Mayor Obernolte, Bill Jahn, Bob Jackowski

At Monday night’s Council meeting, City Council reorganized for the upcoming year as follows.  The council selected Jay Obernolte for the position of Mayor.  David Caretto was elected as Mayor Pro Tem.  Rick Herrick was selected as Chair of the Successor Agency and Bill Jahn as Vice-Chair.  Bill Jahn was selected to service as Chairman of the Fire Protection District Board and Bob Jackowski as Vice-Chair.



Mayor Jahn presents Liz Harris with a “schooled” bear for her retirement from Big Bear Lake City Counil

The evening began with a wonderful tribute to retiring Council Member and former Mayor Liz Harris.  In addition to a video that featured many members of the community saluting her 12 years of service to the City and the citizens of Big Bear the audience echoed similar sentiments.  She was tough with a feminine approach to leadership the “iron lady in a velvet dress”.   It was unamous, she will be missed on City Council.