bbcsd-thumbThe Big Bear City Community Services District presented their draft budget and work plan for fiscal year 2009/2010 during their Board of Directors meeting on May 4. As presented for review, CSD’s General Manager Mike Mayer pointed out, “We are holding the line with our three main enterprise activities. For the third year in a row, we will not be raising our rates.” Those three main enterprises overseen by the district—sewer, solid waste and water services—will maintain fees in place since 2007, yet the budget will allow for necessary improvements and upgrades, including bringing the Water Department’s Van Dusen booster station online by summer, ongoing mainline repairs to the sewer system and the replacement of lift station generators, additional litter removal throughout Big Bear City, and new mail agent software that will ultimately realize a cost savings to the district. According to the Team CSD draft budget, “The mission of the district is to develop and support annual budgets that provide services and capital improvements without borrowing funds.” Mayer did point out that the fire protection tax will likely see an incremental increase of 3.41% though, per Big Bear City Fire Chief Jeff Willis, the department continues to seek other sources of revenue, such as grants, to continue hose replacement and update personal protection equipment for firefighters. CSD’s draft budget is available for review, and constituents are welcome to pick up a copy of the packet at the CSD offices, located at 139 E. Big Bear Boulevard. Public comment on the budget will be accepted at the Board of Directors meeting on May 18, with final adoption scheduled for Board consideration on June 1.