Big Bear City, CA — Since yesterday morning (June 7), we’ve had about 50 earthquakes centered in our area, most of them about four miles north of Big Bear City. The two largest quakes were yesterday in the 1 o’clock hour and registered magnitudes of 3.2 and 3.3, per the U.S. Geological Survey. Since the midnight hour today, June 8, there have been another 25 or so earthquakes centered just north of Big Bear City (as of 9am), with several of these in the range of a 2.4 magnitude, the largest of which was a 2.6 magnitude quake at about 3:15 this morning. Per the latest from the Big Bear City Fire Department, there are still no reports of injury or damage resulting from this series of quakes. Still, all Big Bear Valley residents are encouraged to be earthquake prepared—you can visit our “Quake Up” Call story for preparedness details, which include keeping an emergency supply of food and water available, as well as a battery-operated radio and a first aid kit.
Update: In the 24 hours since this story was posted, there have been another seven earthquakes centered north of Big Bear City. The largest of these was of a 2.1 magnitude at 11:29am June 8.