Big Bear City, CA — We had a series of earthquakes, most of them centered within four miles of Big Bear City, today, with two of those tremors registering a magnitude over 3.0 in the 1pm hour. All told, we have had eleven earthquakes in our area (as of 3pm), each centered between three and seven miles north of Big Bear City. The first of these, at 9:23am, was of a magnitude 1.8, followed by a 2.6 magnitude tremor at 10:49am, and a 1.5 magnitude quake at 11:37am. At 1:31pm, there was a 1.6 magnitude quake and, then, a minute later at 1:32pm, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake centered four miles directly north of Big Bear City. In quick succession, we also had a 1.4 quake at 1:38pm, and then a 3.2 magnitude tremor at 1:41pm; a minute later, our eighth quake, a 2.6 magnitude, per the U.S. Geological Survey, occurred at 1:42pm. Earthquake number nine took place at 2:03pm, and was of a 1.6 magnitude; this was followed by a 1.7 magnitude quake at 2:38pm, and a 1.5 magnitude tremor at 2:43pm. According to the Big Bear City Fire Department, there are no reports of injury or damage resulting from these eleven quakes, though all emergency vehicles from the department were pulled out of the station’s garage, as a precautionary measure. These quakes have not yet been evaluated by a seismologist, though there have been instances in the last year where what felt like an earthquake in that vicinity was actually blasting being done at the Mitsubishi Plant, just north of Big Bear City off Highway 18. Just the same, all Big Bear Valley residents are encouraged to be earthquake prepared—you can visit our “Quake Up” Call story for specifics, which include keeping an emergency supply of food and water available, as well as a battery-operated radio and a first aid kit.
Update: Subsequent earthquakes occurred at 3:06pm and 3:08pm, and registered magnitudes of 1.6 and 1.9.  There have also been reports of earthquakes centered in the vicinity of Lucerne Valley, which (as the crow flies) is several miles north of Big Bear City. And another update: Quakes #14 and 15 took place at 3:38pm and 3:42pm, and registered magnitudes of 1.7 and 2.0; the former was located six miles northwest of the City of Big Bear Lake. All others were a few miles north of Big Bear City. Update #3: Three more quakes were centered north of Big Bear City in the 4pm hour; these were of a magnitude 2.4, 1.8 and 1.7.