Big Bear, Ca, November 10, 2011, 4:00pm – The Big Bear City Airport Board met on November 9th for a special and regular meeting of the Board of Directors.  The meeting which started on a tense note, ended positively with Directors Steube and President Smith both stating that the board needs to focus on the airport and not conflicting personalities or egos.  For more than a year the airport board has had personality issues among board members that has affected the board as a whole.  Earlier this year, the board held special workshops in hopes of bringing the board together to focus on the airport and to gain a better knowledge of board practices, such as parliamentary procedure and board decorum.  The workshops seemed to have kept the board on track and focusing on working together for the airport in general, however, at last month’s meeting, the board seemed to get off track once again, when friction among board members was showcased in front of the public.  During directors comments at the November 9th meeting, Director Gary Steube stated that the casual observer thinks the airport is falling apart, however it’s not, “We’re in fantastic shape,” said Steube, “nothing could be further from the truth.”  Steube also said that the airport now has new LED lights installed, and that will cut the energy consumption nearly in half, which is important as energy is the 3rd largest expense the airport has.  Steube stated that the new LED was the only thing of importance that happened at the board meeting, and that all the other stuff, indicating the board friction, has nothing to do with the airport.  Steube ended his comments stating that the airport is in fantastic condition.  The next board meeting will be on December 14th at the airport at 4:00pm.