Big Bear, Ca, September 3, 2010, 12:00pm – This year 14 young women will compete for the title of Miss Big Bear.  The theme this year is centered on the American Girl, and will require these ladies to radiate pride for the red white and blue.  Pageant Director Teresa Ritenour is excited, and is working hard for this year’s pageant, as it may be her last.  Ritenour has been the pageant director for the past 5 years, after she took it over from Julie Hastings.  Ritenour plans to hand over the reigns next year to a qualified person, who has experience with pageants, and a passion for helping young girls succeed.  Ritenour told KBHR that scholarship sponsors are still needed, so if a business would like to be a sponsor they can get in touch with Ritenour at 585-1737.  The Miss Big Bear Pageant is a 501c3 Non-Profit, therefore all donations and sponsorships will be tax deductible.  Those participating in the Miss Big Bear Pageant include:  Brittany Bates, Krysti Barchiero, Sarah Brayton, Megan Ellis, Kimberly Etter, Alexis Florence, Caitlin Garland, Terra Matlock, Abby Newman, Anna Peckham, Peyton Roberts, Maritza Rojas, Kaisha Romney and Courtney Wittrig.

Brittany Bates

Krysti Barchiero

Megan Ellis

Peyton Roberts

Maritza Rojas

Courtney Wittrig

Abby Newman

Kaisha Romney

Alexis Florence

Caitlin Garland

Anna Peckham

Terra Matlock

Kimberly Etter

Sarah Brayton