Bear Valley Electric crews continue to power through and make progress on electric outages in the Big Bear Valley. According to Operations Supervisor John Dykesten this afternoon [January 26], “We’re making steady progress, and almost got most of our major outages restored.” Among those service areas to be restored since Monday are the Comstock area of Big Bear Lake, a large area in the Whispering Forest neighborhood, the Knight and Lahonton area of Big Bear Lake, and, as of 3am last night, lower Moonridge. As of this afternoon and until repaired, Bear Valley Electric crews are working on Forest Road in Big Bear Lake, replacing power poles at Fairway and Pinon in Big Bear City, as well as at Sherwood and Pinon and, Dykesten notes, they are still addressing some problems in the Jaybird/Tulip area of western Big Bear Lake. He says that there are still some isolated, individual problems with wiring to single homes, but additional Southern California Edison crews are coming to Big Bear, as well as outside contractors, to assist BVES with the immense workload, which they have been at since a week ago Monday. “We’re really pouring it on,” Dykesten says of work efforts, “and we know it’s been a struggle for people, so we’re giving it 150%.”