If your homeowners insurance company has notified you that they will not be renewing your policy and that your property needs to comply with certain defensible space requirements, you are not alone.  Currently, insurance companies are conducting “defensible space” inspections as a result of the insurance losses incurred by wildfires throughout the State of California.  Because of these losses, insurance companies are taking a more aggressive stance at renewal time.  But, help is available.  Beginning February 1st, the City of Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District will introduce a new Firewise Defensible Space Certification program which can help Big Bear Lake property owners achieve compliance with defensible space requirements.  This new program is acceptable to most major insurance carriers, including Allstate.  To receive a “Firewise Certificate of Compliance,” the City of Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District can conduct an inspection.  The inspector, along with the homeowners, will conduct a walk-through of the property from the chimney to the eaves, to the foundation, and even the backyard and beyond.  To help recover the cost of this new certification program, a fire safety inspection fee of $84 is required to be paid at the time of scheduling an inspection.  For more information about the new Defensible Space Certification program, contact the City of Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District at 909-866-4668.