Firefighting crews (as seen here January 2009) train for lake ice rescue each year; it is illegal to go out on the lake ice, and violators may be ticketed and fined.

Big Bear, Ca, January 17, 2011, 12:00pm –

The Big Bear City Fire Department is conducting ice and cold-water rescue training this week. Residents and visitors are reminded that this is “just a drill.” Crews will be training at about  1:30pm each day this week near the docks on Stanfield Cutoff. Fire crews train on a regular basis for the possible scenario of someone that has fallen through the ice.  The Municipal Water District, Lake Patrol, will also be on scene to watch the operations.  “Stay Off Lake Ice” signs are posted all around the lakeshore warning people of the danger.  Anyone observed walking on lake ice is subject to a fine.  Rescuing individuals or animals that have fallen through the ice is very risky business for both the victim and the rescuer. Everyone is reminded to “Stay Off Lake Ice” and keep their pets away from the danger as well.