Barstow, CA, April 3, 2013 – Back in December of last year, the San Bernardino Superior Court announced the second phase of cost reduction measures needed to partially address a funding shortfall. The measures included the closure of the Barstow courthouse. The closures would reduce the availability of courts for residents who live in areas that are distant from remaining courthouses. Following the announcement of the plan to close the courthouses, Court leaders engaged state and local government leaders, regional bar groups, and others in order to find solutions that could mitigate some of the impact of the closures. Consequently, the Court has announced a plan to maintain the operation of one courtroom in Barstow, three days per week, beginning May 6, 2013. This action will allow traffic, landlord-tenant, small claims and domestic violence cases to continue to be heard at this location. Civil, family law, and criminal cases will still be transferred to other locations, consistent with current plans. The Court intends to keep the courtroom operational through June 21, 2014.