San Bernardino County, CA — San Bernardino County, specifically the Department of Aging and Adult Services, has issued a warning to residents, particularly those who are Medicare beneficiaries. The U.S. Health and Human Services agency has been issuing $250 Medicare rebate checks (also known as the donut hole checks) to the estimated four million eligible Medicare beneficiaries. The warning attached to this is that scam artists have and will be using this information to get personal information from seniors. As there are no forms to complete or information to give in order to have the $250 rebate check mailed to Medicare beneficiaries, these individuals are advised to refrain from sharing any personal information or bank account numbers to get the rebate check, nor share any personal information with individuals who may call about the check. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department suggests that Medicare beneficiaries who think they may be a victim of a scam should call the County’s Adult Protective Services Department at 877/565-2020, or the local Sheriff’s Station which, in Big Bear, is reachable at 866-0100.