sanbernardino-thumb1Since assuming the office of Third District County Supervisor in December, Neil Derry has been busy with, among other things, filling vacancies on Third District Boards and Commissions. In May, Fawnskin resident Tom Brandau was appointed as the fifth member of the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency’s Governing Board, and Sugarloaf resident Bob Ybarra received an appointment to the CSA 70 R-5 Commission, which oversees roads in the Sugarloaf area; Fawnskin residents Dr. Don Eads and James Hoeltgen, in May, received appointments to the County’s CSA 53B Commission, which addresses fire and sewer concerns for the North Shore community. As of June, several additional appointments were made; those include Sugarloaf resident Leonard Chaidez to the CSA70 R-5 Commission; Tom Aguirre of Lake Arrowhead and Paul Franklin of Angelus Oaks to the Fish and Game Commission; Thomas Lawrence to the CSA 79 Commission for Green Valley Lake; and Lake Arrowhead residents Ralph Wagner and Tracy Lenocker to the Zone 5 Flood Control Advisory Committee. Registered voters within the Third District, which includes all of the Big Bear Valley, are invited to submit an application for vacant positions on Third District commissions; for information and applications, visit