airport-thumbThe Board of Directors of the Big Bear Airport District will convene a few times this week, including this afternoon for the regular monthly meeting at 2:30pm. This afternoon’s airport meeting will include a report by Steve Baker Construction, outlining code deficiencies found in the airport terminal building. Today’s 2:30pm meeting will be held in the airport pilots lounge, and is open to the public. Other meetings of the airport board this week will be held in closed session, as candidates for the general manager position will be interviewed. Interim GM Dick Lightner notes that of the seven finalists for the post, six candidates are from outside the Big Bear Valley and, of those, three are from out-of-state. Though interviews are taking place this week, it is not expected that a decision will be made in coming days.
And, as it is the first Wednesday of the month, this generally signals the first of two monthly Planning Commission meetings for the City of Big Bear Lake; however, today’s meeting has been adjourned, and the Planning Commission will next meet on Wednesday, October 21.