The American Civil Liberties Union and the Bear Valley Unified School District have an agreement, prompted by an incident on November 3 (the day before Election Day) in which a student wore a t-shirt that read “Prop 8 Equals Hate”; a shirt that was deemed inappropriate by Big Bear High School staff. Since that time, BVUSD Superintendent Carole Ferraud issued an apology to the high school sophomore, and the school district’s dress code will be updated to reflect individuals’ rights under the First Amendment. A third portion of that agreement was that the ACLU would address students at Big Bear High School; this was originally scheduled to take place during English classes this Friday, March 20, though the presentations have since been postponed. As Superintendent Ferraud tells KBHR, “The ACLU has worked with us to make this really positive. The presentations were supposed to be on First Amendment rights, and how kids can express their beliefs in an appropriate way, and the rights that schools have related to school safety.” As students begin their two-week Spring Break on March 21, presentations to the high school student body will not take place until at least April.