Oriflame Mountain

Big Bear City, CA, January 8, 2014 – The Sierra Club Big Bear Group leads group hikes every year on local trails. In 2014, it’s participating in the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Section B Award Program, in which each hiker who completes all 101.4 miles receives a recognition patch and attends the annual awards party.

This section of the PCT is divided into 8 day-hikes, starting this Saturday in San Diego County. From Warner Springs, Section B heads north to the I-10 Freeway near Palm Springs. The trails passes through the Cleveland National Forest, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, San Jacinto Mountain Wilderness, and the San Bernardino National Forest, and includes elevation gains of nearly 17,000 feet.

The following is a tentative schedule for completing Section B, of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014:

Jan 11, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 1: Hwy 79 southwest of Warner Springs to Indian Flats CG Road 9S05, 9.2 mile hike
Jan 25, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 2: Indian Flats CG Road 9S05 to Chihuahua Valley Road, 9.3 miles
Feb 8, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 3: Chihuahua Valley Road to Tule Canyon Truck Trail, 10.3 miles
Feb 22, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 4: Tule Canyon Truck Road to Highway 74, 15.7 miles
Sep 27, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 7: Devils Slide TH to Fuller Ridge TH, 14.5 miles
Oct 11, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 8: Fuller Ridge TH to I-10 FWY, 19.8 miles
Oct 18, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 6: Fobes TH to Devils Slide TH, 16.3 miles
Oct 25, 2014 (SAT) – Segment 5: Highway 74 to Fobes Trailhead, 15.7 milesThis completes all 101.4 miles of Section B, of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Interested hikers should contact Ed Caliendo at (760) 328-1090 or dogs111@msn.com.

NOTE: There will be some detours due to the 2013 wilderness fires in the San Jacinto Mountain Wilderness in 2013, and the total miles to be hiked will slightly exceed the actual miles of Section B due to the need to hike to the Pacific Crest Trail junctions.