Big Bear Lake, CA, July 3, 2013 – The Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Board of Directors has announced Raymond Hino as the permanent CEO for the District. Hino has been acting as full-time Interim CEO since January.

Board President Barbara Willey commented, “Ray’s extensive background and experience in healthcare, specifically rural healthcare, has prepared him to tackle the challenges facing our district both now and in the future. His experience is exactly
what this district needs and I believe he is the right person to make the changes we require, while providing long-term stability for the district.”

Hino brings to his work over 30 years experience in healthcare and an extensive background in Rural District California Hospitals. Since joining the district, he has supported and led various departments in accomplishing a significant number of critical items, such as:

• Starting the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation process, which could bring an additional $400,000 annually
• Completing (and now implementing) a Financial Plan of Corrections, which is resulting in $1,500,000 in cost reductions
• Bringing all doctor contracts up-to-date and in compliance
• Leading the first Financial Summit for the district to add transparency and gain community input on how the district functions
• Bringing back a General Surgeon to provide a much needed service and increase revenue
• Supporting the implementation of a new hospital computer system and electronic medical system to improve patient care and attract federal grant dollars
• Working at establishing an Affiliation Agreement with a larger healthcare facility, which would ultimately reduce costs while expanding local specialty services
• Hiring an interim HR Manager for the district to ensure compliance, improve employee morale through face-to-face assistance and workshops, monitor employee relations, and begin union contract negotiations
• Supporting the continued construction of the Brenda Boss Family Resource Center, which will increase the success and growth of out-patient services and ultimately allow the district to add medical office space for additional specialty healthcare services and expand other departments
• Supporting the staff in implementing a Telemedicine Program for the district that will provide Mental Health services at the Family Health Center

Over the next year, Hino’s vision for the district includes becoming a Critical Access Hospital, incorporating swing beds into our Acute and Skilled Nursing Facility and expanding the Telemedicine Program into various fields such as Psychology, Neurology, Dermatology, and Cardiology. This could potentially bring an additional $2,000,000 to the district.

In a press release, Hino commented, “We all recognize the importance of our Hospital for the community and it’s our united goal to succeed. We are in this together and I take my responsibilities very seriously. I know that failure is not an option. ”

He added, “Transparency is a key component of how I do business, and I want everyone to know what we are doing… how we are doing it… and why we are doing it. As a community we need to move forward and take the district to the next level. I am eager to take on this leadership role and I see significant potential in this district, but it will take the community’s full support to
achieve it together.”

Hino has spoken to a number of community groups and organizations and says he is willing to meet with any group upon request. The district also encourages the public to attend future board and committee meetings to stay informed and provide feedback.

Those who would like to get more information or to arrange an appointment with Hino should call (909) 878-8214. More information about the District is also available at