The continued threat of the invasive Quagga Mussel may prompt some additional boat launch ramp regulations and increased lake permit fees in the 2009 boating season. The Board of Directors of the Municipal Water District will consider both of these issues in tomorrow’s 1pm meeting, to be held at the MWD offices at 40524 Lakeview Drive. Given the added expense of Quagga mitigation measures in 2008, the MWD Board will discuss a proposed $10 increase for lake permits, in order to relieve the disparity between revenue and operational costs to provide services such as free boat launching, safety patrol officers and the S.S. Relief, the floating restroom facilities on Big Bear Lake. An additional $5 fee, prompted by the Quagga, may also be added; the MWD Board will be discussing these fees, but is not scheduled to take action at tomorrow’s meeting. The Board will vote, however, on proposed new boat launch regulations, which would require that a certified Quagga Mussel inspector be on site when ramps are open. The new regulations would, if approved, also require that private ramps be inspected by MWD staff as a pre-requisite to dock license renewal.