Author: Caroline Quintanilla

First Mountain Bank Customers Reminded to Keep Information Private

Big Bear, Ca July 13, 2011 2:00 pm – First Mountain Bank has alerted KBHR that their customers are, once again, receiving fraudulent phone calls, generated by scam artists claiming to be making contact on behalf of the bank.  Those called have reportedly been asked to provide account numbers and pin codes to reactivate their ATM and debit cards.  A similar series of bank scam calls took place in the Big Bear Valley last August, and prior to that in April and June 2010, and in April 2009. These automated scam phone calls may ask for a debit card number or password.  Big Bear residents are reminded never to give out that information over the phone.   As Richard Miller, Compliance and Information Security Officer for First Mountain Bank, advises Kbear,  “No bank should call, email or anything else to verify your information, because they already have that info.  Never give a password or pin number to anyone, especially on the phone.”  If you are a banking customer of First Mountain Bank and have inadvertently shared any pertinent information, you are advised to contact the bank, either by visiting one of their four branches or by calling (909) 866-5861. More information is available at [audio:|titles=First Mountain Bank Customers Receiving Scam Calls...

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Move Over Says Cal Trans

Big Bear, Ca July 13, 2011 1:00 pm – Starting today, drivers are being reminded to “Move Over” when they see the flashing lights of CHP, CalTrans, and other emergency vehicles.  Although the law requiring motorists to move over a lane when the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle are seen has been in place for a while, CalTrans workers in Southern California have been struck and killed on the job in 3 separate incidents recently.  The cluster of fatalities is prompting a statewide campaign to educate motorists about the law.  To raise public awareness, billboards are planned, announcements on television will be aired, and over 700 highway signs will be flashing the message, “Slow or Move Over for Workers, It’s the Law.” More information is available at: [audio:|titles=Move Over Says CalTrans and...

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Fish and Wildlife Taking Advisor Applications Through Today

Big Bear, Ca July 13, 2011 12:00 pm – In Big Bear, all residents and visitors are stakeholders in the health and vitality of the fish and wildlife in the Valley.  Much of the allure of our resort community is the abundant fishing and the chance to see eagles and other wildlife.  Big Bear and other California residents have an opportunity to serve as advisors to the state Fish and Wildlife Strategic Vision Committees and to participate in making policies about our resources, however they must apply before the end of the day today.  The Strategic Vision Advisory Group will include representatives of a wide range of organizations involved in creating a joint vision for the state’s fish and wildlife resources.  The group’s main purpose is to coordinate and identify spokespersons for interested groups in order to include them in the Strategic Vision process.  Those interested in applying can access the application online at [audio:|titles=Fish and Wildlife Advisor Applications...

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Hours Changed for Highway 18 Paving Project

Big Bear, Ca June 22, 2011 5:00 pm – CalTrans has announced a change in the hours for the Highway 18 repaving project.  The project began on June 21 within the Big Bear Valley and is expected to finish in Apple Valley by the end of August.  During the project, delays of up to 20 minutes can be expected along Highway 18 between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays.  Motorists traveling the route are asked to watch for reduced speed signs, flagging, and workers on the roadway. [audio:|titles=Hours Changes Highway 18 Paving...

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